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After Boxes

I made several portrait in a box paintings, and I made a flyer to promote them to get commissions, but I only got a couple and they were for not in a box portraits. In fact, they were made not from my own photographs!

One was of these two brothers. I had to use two photos to put them together. I had fun with the composition and the colors!

It was for a surprise someone was having made for their parents.

Portraits are great gifts to capture a time in a person's life, a remembrance to have and keep in a family.

The other was for a fellow who wanted a painting of his daughter to give to his parents.

He chose this photo of her walking in the grass, which I thought was a little bit odd in that you couldn't see her face, but that was what he wanted.

I always want the customer to be happy, and I am not offended by their suggestions or corrections.

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