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Laurie Waite-Fellner, Artist

I have been an artist for many years. I love color, composition, line and shapes. I love manipulating paint ​to give the illusion of something, or someone, real.


I work from photos that I shoot myself. I love painting people, I want

to make something that makes the subject and the viewer happy. Sometimes it's fun to get extra creative to tell more of a story.

I studied painting and photography in college, and I did one year of graduate school. I ended up in New York City, had various graphic art jobs, and after a bit in Brooklyn, I married and moved to New Jersey, where my husband and I raised three boys.

All along this I made art when I could, and in the last few years I feel like I am fully invested in myself being an artist. My work and my technique have improved and I am excited by what I am making.

Laurie Wait-Fellner, painting, art
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