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Unusual self portrait with multiple images, art
Porrtrait of Liz and Zack Lipner, unusual painting, outlander
Portrait of Marty and Nan Fogel
Family portrait with feet, painting, art, unusual portrait
Portrait of Deborah Zafman and family
Portrait of the Berman family

Unusual Portraits

This is a portrait of the Berman family. Each person is a separate 10" x 12" painting, which can be arranged in any way, vertically, horizontally, even overlapping.

This is Nan and Marty Fogel. I was trying to show their individual artistic interests and their close relationship.

This is painting is very large, 6' x 6', and is in 4 panels as a room divider.

Each panel has a different member of a family, and I was using double exposures to show how they relate to one another.

This is a family portrait; why not with feet?

This is a self portrait. I felt that many expressions would show who I am better than one.

This painting is of Liz

and Zack, and it is

unusual because I

included two characters from Liz's favorite books. Plus their cats.

"I am the proud owner of a Laurie Waite-Fellner portrait/painting. Laurie taps into the personality and passions  of her subjects. In my painting I am joined by my favorite fictional characters, such fun to enjoy everyday."

-Liz Lipner

This is my son Dan. He was into sports and liked to watch Stephen A. Smith yell out of the TV.

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