Unusual Portraits

This is a portrait of the Berman family. Each person is a separate 10" x 12" painting, which can be arranged in any way, vertically, horizontally, even overlapping.

This is Nan and Marty Fogel. I was trying to show their individual artistic interests and their close relationship.

This is painting is very large, 6' x 6', and is in 4 panels as a room divider.

Each panel has a different member of a family, and I was using double exposures to show how they relate to one another.

This is a family portrait; why not with feet?

This is a self portrait. I felt that many expressions would show who I am better than one.

This painting is of Liz

and Zack, and it is

unusual because I

included two characters from Liz's favorite books. Plus their cats.

"I am the proud owner of a Laurie Waite-Fellner portrait/painting. Laurie taps into the personality and passions  of her subjects. In my painting I am joined by my favorite fictional characters, such fun to enjoy everyday."

-Liz Lipner

This is my son Dan. He was into sports and liked to watch Stephen A. Smith yell out of the TV.

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