In a Box

These paintings start with a black box, the size of the finished painting. The subject fits themselves into the box, I take a photograph, and paint from that​. The frame at the end becomes the original box. The one of Henry, below, has hands sculpted of clay that come out and over the frame.

& Claude
The Glassman/
Folsam Family

I have one of Laurie's pieces she did of my daughter when she was five. The painting is of her sitting in a box frame with her dress hanging outside it and I have gotten many compliments on how original it is.  I am so thrilled that I got my daughter to sit for this as it is a wonderful likeness of my sweet girl.  She captured her expression perfectly and I still see it in her today, 7 years later.  The colors are vibrant and the attention to detail is what keeps you looking and admiring it. It was a really interesting concept that I think holds the viewer's interest. I just love it! 

-Pam Koep

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