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2 paintings in the works.

I like having two paintings to work on at the same time, it pushes me to get at least one of them done! Plus I can move my focus back and forth and it keeps me interested in what's happening.

The one on the left is another Sylvia painting; she finds a store window with two mannequin children!

The one on the right is part of a project for Studio Montclair, our local art group. This project is a portrait lottery, you put your name in the hat and then you get someone who you get to paint their portrait, and someone else draws your name and they paint you. Nice idea.

The way I work is I project the image on the canvas to find the best composition, then basically draw it on there. Then I like to block in the colors which usually vary from the photo a bit, and can change as I go along. Then I like to build up the layers, starting on the background and then moving forward.

Then it's making corrections and tweaking things. This process works for me.

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